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As you know SSC and Dhakil Examination has ended on 4 March, So result publication date should be after 2 months later. All Educational Boards, Technical Board and Madrasha Board will publish SSC and Dhakhil Result on the same date.

SSC and Dakhil Result Publication Date: 4 May 2018

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Result 2018 and Dakhil Result 2018 will be published on 4 May 2018.

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This is a short paragraph on Dangers of Smoking. It can also be called as Bad Effect of Smoking, Negative Effects of Smoking, Harmful Effects of Smoking etc. You have to understand word meaning and what you have read. Only then you can remember it. Other wise only memorising can not help you learn anything. So, understand what you are reading.

Dangers of Smoking

Smoking is a very bad and dangerous habit. It is so dangerous that it may cause cancer, heart-attack, high blood pressure, pulmonary troubles and others serious diseases. It is found that one puff of cigarette smoke contains fifteen billion particles of matter inducing nicotine, methyl alcohol, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, arsenic, Benzedrine and several other acids. These all are very fatal and injurious to health. Nicotine makes the size of blood-vessels narrower as a result it hinders the normal flow of blood and oxygen in the body. It causes the heart beat faster. Benzedrine, Tobacco Tar and Arsenic are cancer-causing agents in human and animal beings. Tobacco tar forms a sticky mass inside the lungs and it also hinders the normal flow of blood. The presence of carbon monoxide in the tobacco tar drives out the oxygen from the blood and it is also dangerous. Besides, smoking can cause irritation in the eye, offend the rose and unsettle our mind. After all, the dangers of smoking are uncountable so we must avoid smoking to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life.


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2. Load-Shedding

3. Traffic Jam

4. Natural Calamities in Bangladesh

5. The Importance of Learning English 

6. Gender Discrimination

7. Environment Pollution

All we see around us are the element of environment. However, air, water and soil are some of the main elements. But they are going to be a threat to our life because of pollution. There are many reasons for it. Read now Paragraph on Environmet Pollution

8. Food Adulteration

9. Price Hike

Price hike or price spiral means the increasing price of daily essentials in the market. It has become one of the major problem is bangladesh. Read Paragraph on price hike

10. Female Education

11. Dowry

10. Female Education

12. Diaspora

13. Deforestation

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