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Welcome to BDclass. How are you. Hope you are fine. Are you searching for HSC Exam Routine 2019? Yes, This is the right place.

HSC Exam Routine 2019 Published


As of now, HSC Routine 2019 has not been yet published. We'll publish here as soon as it is published. You know this year HSC Exam has been started from 2nd April. So there is a possibility of HSC Exam 2019 starting from April 2019.

Till then, you can read the following important tutorials for your coming HSC Examination.

Download HSC Exam Routine 2019 PDF

HSC online admission process for 2018 has been started from 13 May 2018. If you are here to know how to fill up online admission form for college admission, you are in right place. The important information is given below.

Online Application Starts: 13 May
Last Date of Application: 24 May
Number of Colleges You can Apply: 10 Colleges

Apply Through Internet

Step 1: Make Payment

You must have a mobile phone with Teletalk SIM for this. At first, you need to make the payment for college admission. See how to pay .....

1st SMS
Go to Message Option
Type CAD<space>WEB<space>First 3 Letter of Board Name<space>Roll No<space>Passing Year
It looks like CAD WEB DHA 123456 2018
Now send to 16222
In returning message you will get a PIN No. Now send 2nd SMS

2nd SMS
Type CAD<space>YES<space>PIN No<space>Student's Mobile No
It looks like CAD YES 123456789 01818XXXXXX
Now send to 16222
In returning message you will get a congratulation message with transaction ID. You may need this transaction ID for online admission form.

Step 2: Fill Up Application Form

For this step, you need a Smartphone or Computer with an internet connection. First, go to with Chrome or Firefox internet browser.


Click on Apply Now Button. You can see the following page.


1. Give your Roll No.
2. Select your Board from where you have passed SSC
3. Select Passing Year
4. Give your Registration No.
5. Write the Black Number in the box
6. Click Next button

Then you will find HSC Online Application Form. It looks like following:


1. Now, write your mobile number which you wrote in 2nd SMS to make payment.
2. Again put the same number.
3. If you have Quota, tick on the box.
4. At last, click on Next button.

Here, you will find to select your college list. The page looks like below:


1. Here, Select the Board. If you want to apply for Dhaka College which is under Dhaka Board, so you select Dhaka Board.
2. Select District
3. Select Thana
4. Select your college
5. Now select Shift
6. Select Version (Bangla or English)
7. Select Group (Science, Business Studies or Humanities)
8 Select your Quota (If you have)
9. Govorning Body Quota (If you have)
10. Click on Add This College

Now, your first college of choice will be added. This way, you can add minimum 5 colleges and maximum 10 colleges.

After adding colleges, click on Preview Application

Now a pop up window opens like this


Read the college list again, if everything is ok. Now, click on SUBMIT APPLICATION

If you need to change or delete colleges, click on CONTINUE TO EDIT

Then you will get a confirmation message


Now, click on Print Version

Print Preview will open, you can print the page for future use.

Thank you, Please put your Email Address below and Sign Up for free tutorials like this.



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