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Water Pollution

Water, an important element of the environment, is essential for human and plant life. It is next to air. But it is being polluted in many ways. There are many causes of water pollution. Firstly throwing waste and filth into water is responsible. Secondly using chemical fertilizers and insecticides in the field is also responsible, thirdly throwing oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers by boats causes water pollution. Besides insanitary latrines on the banks of the rivers and canal and drains running into the rivers and canals cause water pollution. Polluted water is harmful to us. It causes many incurable diseases. It kills the fishes of the river. First of all, The government should come forward to solve the problem. we should make the people aware of the matter. Mills and factories should not throw the waste and damaged products into rivers and canals. Steamer, motor launches and sailboats should not throw oil, food waste and human waste into the rivers and canals. We should not build insanitary latrines on the banks of the rivers and canals.


What is water pollution

Causes of water pollution

  • Throwing waste and filth into water
  • Using chemical fertilizers and insecticides
  • Throwing oil, food waste and human waste by boats
  • Insanitary latrines on the river bank
  • Unsafe drains

Effects of water pollution

  • It causes many incurable diseases.
  • It kills the fishes of the river

How to solve water pollution

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Importance of Female Education

Female is almost half of our total populations. If they are not educated, our half of population will remain idle. As a result, we should put more importance on female education for our national growth and development.

In our family, they play important roles as mothers, sisters, housewives. They give the children primary education and moral lesson. The mentality, morality, nature, and character of children depend on the knowledge and skills of a mother. In a family, our health and treatment also depend on the female. Actually female are the key factors in family life. If they are not educated, they cannot do the right things. An educated mother is important to bring up and educate the children. So their education is very important.

In our social life, they also play important roles. They are the main instruments to maintain a good relationship. So if women are well educated, they can do their social duties and stand beside weal and woe of every day.


In the state, a woman has a role as a citizen. She has to know her rights, privileges, and duties. If she is educated, she can prove her worth.

In our society, women are mostly neglected. They are deprived of many rights. If they get the education, they will feel the power and nobody can deprive them.

At first, the government should come forward to promote female education. The government has taken some steps. They have made female education free up to Graduation level. We should change our outlook on women and increase public awareness. Media can play an important role in increasing public awareness. The day is not so far we shall see females going hand in hand with males.

As you know SSC and Dhakil Examination have ended on 4 March, So result publication date should be after 2 months later. All Educational Boards, Technical Board, and Madrasha Board will publish SSC and Dhakhil Result on the same date.

Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has confirmed that SSC 2018 Result will be published by 30 April.

SSC and Dakhil Result 2018 Publication Date: 

 29 April 2018 at 1.00 PM 

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Result 2018 and Dakhil Result 2018 will be published on 4 May 2018.

Get SSC and Dhakhil Result on Following Method:

EIIN Number (Institution Result):

2. From Education Board Website:

Dhaka Board SSC Result:

Chittagong Board SSC Result:

Comilla Board SSC Result:

Barishal Board SSC Result:

Sylhet Board SSC Result:

Khulna Board SSC Result:

Web-Based Result

SMS Method

To get SSC result through SMS, you have to send SMS to 16222 by the following format.

SSC<space>First 3 Letters of your board<space>Roll No<space>2018 and send to 16222

SSC CHI 123456 2018 and send to 16222

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