Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Application for the Construction of a Bridge over the Canal

11 March, 2013
The Chairman
Kaptai Upazila

Subject: Prayer for the construction of a bridge.

Dear sir,
With due respect, We beg to state that we are the inhabitants of Baraichari and Shilchari village. You know that there is a canal between our two villages. The canal causes a great suffering to the inhabitants of two villages. Many people including students and kids have to cross the canal to go to market or school. As a result people face difficulty to carry their goods. The kids and students face problems to cross the canal and it is risky for them. So the construction of a bridge over the canal is mandatory.

Under the situation, we fervently pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take immediate steps for the construction of a bridge over the canal and oblige thereby.

Yours faithfully
On behalf of the inhabitants of Kaptai Upazila

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