Friday, March 8, 2019

Dialogue about the Importance of Reading Newspaper for Class 8

Hey students, Here you will find a very important dialogue about the importance of reading newspaper mostly for class 6/7/8 and Class 10. This is a dialogue between two friends about importance of r

Importance of reading newspaper dialogue

Dialogue about the importance of reading newspaper for Class 8 and 10

Kamal: Hello, Kiron How are you?

Kiron: I am fine, How are you and Where are you going?

Kamal: I am also fine. I am going to buy a newspaper.

Kiron: Do you read a newspaper daily?

Kamal: Yes. Don't you?

Kiron: No, I don't read the newspaper because I think it is a waste of time.

Kamal: You are wrong, friend. A newspaper is a storehouse of knowledge. It helps us to know what is happening in the world. Without reading the newspaper, You can not know about the country and world.

Kiron: But, the newspaper sometimes shares false news.

Kamal: Yes, It can happen by mistakes. It is too little. Newspaper shares much educational information for students. You can know any recent news about politics, economy, sports, literature, education and many more.

Kiron: Then, I should read the newspaper regularly.

Kamal: Of course you should do it. They who don't read newspaper remain frogs of the dark well.

Kiron: Thank you for your information. Goodbye

Kamal: You are most welcome. Goodbye.

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  1. Well, there are a few grammar mistakes. But overall, it's fine.