Monday, January 25, 2021

Paragraph on Gender Discrimination or Gender Inequity

Dear students here are some paragraphs about Gender Discrimination or Gender Inequality, one of the existing problems in our society. You must have knowledge about it because it is a common matter in our country.

After reading the paragraphs you can learn:

  • What is Gender Discrimination or Inequity?
  • What are the causes of gender inequity?
  • What are the negative effects of it?
  • How can we change the situation?

Paragraph on Gender Discrimination in 150 Words

Gender discrimination

Gender discrimination in Bangladesh is very conspicuous. The people of Bangladesh think women should confine themselves in household works. Staying at home has become a tradition for women.

The parents think that one day the girl will become the wife of a house. So she need not study more and do other works. The husbands treat their wives very harshly. If anything happens in the family, the women become responsible for that. In the sphere of services, men get the priority. Women are disqualified for lack of strength and courage. The women who are divorced from their husbands are very dishonoured in society and family. Society treats them with dishonour.

Women are still looked down upon as the weaker section of society even these days because women are lagging behind in education and earning. Besides, lack of education, superstition, and social view are responsible for discrimination.

There should be no discrimination between men and women. We must remove this to establish our equal right for our progress and prosperity.

Paragraph on Gender Discrimination

Paragraph on Gender Discrimination in 200 Words 

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination means to make a difference between men and women. Especially in third world countries, women are considered inferior to men. Though they have merits and capabilities, they are not given what they deserve. They work in the family and outside the family, but their contribution is not seen.

There are many reasons for gender discrimination. Firstly, the lack of education is responsible for this. Secondly, superstition is also responsible. Thirdly, social view causes the problem. Men and women have been given equal right and position. But men try to dominate women. The female children are thought the burden of the family. They are not given equal opportunity for education, equal food, and clothes.

There are many bad impacts of gender discrimination. If we neglect the female, our half of the population will remain idle at home. Our social and national development is never possible keeping them idle at home. This is a great problem which must be solved.

At first, the government should come forward to change the situation. We should make public awareness of the matter. Mass media can play an important role in raising public awareness. We should change our attitude about women and never try to make a difference between boys and girls.

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