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Paragraph on Pollution in 150 and 200 words

Hey, students. here is a short paragraph on pollution in English. Though it can be written as environment pollution paragraph, I have written the paragraph separately.

When we talk about pollution, we mean all kinds of pollution such as water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, etc. In this paragraph, we write about the reasons for every type of pollution.

Let's learn the paragraph, After reading the paragraph on pollution, you can learn;
  • What is pollution?
  • How pollution is caused?
  • What are the causes of water pollution?
  • How is air being polluted day by day?
  • What are responsible for sound pollution?
  • How does it affect our environment?
  • How can we control pollution?

Paragraph on Pollution 200 Words

Paragraph on Pollution


Pollution means making something dirty or impure. We come across different pollutions such as arsenic pollution, water pollution, air pollution, sound pollution, environment pollution etc. Arsenic is a kind of poison. Almost 60% of our total population are living under the constant threat of arsenic pollution.  When the presence of this poison is much higher than the acceptable quantity. It is called arsenic pollution. Mills and factories throw waste materials into the water. The farmers all over the world use chemical fertilizer and insecticides which is washed away in mixes with water in rain. Thus water becomes polluted.

Mils and factories all over the world are emitting a huge amount of carbon dioxide every year. Men are destroying forests for cultivation and living. These human activities increase the amount of carbon dioxide around the earth. Besides, our air is also polluted with this smoke of mills-factories and motor vehicles. Sound pollution is another hindrance to a calm life. Horn of vehicles, loudspeakers cause sound pollution. All these pollutions are continuously making our environment endangered. If the situation continues, the earth will not remain suitable for living. So, in order to prevent all sorts of pollution, we need to create awareness among people as well as to enforce laws strictly.

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