Friday, February 19, 2021

SSC English Suggestion 2021

Are you confused about the new syllabus, marks distribution or question pattern? I'll be answering all your question here.

At first, take a look at the marks distribution of English

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion

Reading - 50 Marks

Seen passage 1

  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) 1x 10=10
  • Answering questions (open-ended and close ended) 2x6 =12

Seen passage 2

  • Gap filling without clues 1x5=5

Suggestion for Seen Passages

Unseen passage

  • Information transfer 1x6=6
  • Summarizing 10
  • Matching 1x7=7

Suggestion for Seen Passages

Writing (marks 50)

  • Writing paragraph answering questions 14
  • Completing a story 12
  • Writing emails 12
  • Writing dialogue 12

English 2nd Marks Distribution

Total Marks: 100

Grammar (60 marks)

  1. Gap filling activities with clues (prepositions, articles, parts of speech) .5 x10=5 marks
  2. Gap filling activities without clues (prepositions, articles, parts of speech) .5x10=5 marks
  3. Substitution table 1x6=6 marks
  4. Right forms of verbs 1x10=10 marks
  5. Changing sentences (change of voice, change of degrees, affirmative to negative, assertive to exclamatory, exclamatory to assertive, assertive to imperative) 1x10=10 marks
  6. Use of suffix and prefix .5x14=7 marks
  7. Tag questions 1x7=7 marks
  8. Punctuations 0.5 x20=10 marks

Composition (40 marks)

  • Writing a CV with cover letter 15 marks
  • Formal letters (complaint letter, notice, purchase order, responses to an order/requests etc. 10 marks
  • Writing paragraph 15 marks

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