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WH Question Words List and Usages

There are two types of questions: Yes or No question and WH question. Yes and No question is formed with an auxiliary verb at the beginning of a sentence.

But, the WH question is formed with a WH Words + Auxiliary verb at the beginning of the sentence.

In this lesson, I'll discuss the most used WH words, their usages and how to form WH questions with them.

These are the most used WH Question words listed with their uses and Bangla meaning.

WH Words List and Usages of Them

WH-WordsUsagesBangla Meaning
Whatto ask about thingsকী
Whichto ask about specific thingsকোনটি
Whento ask about timeকখন
Whereto ask about placesকোথায়
Whyto ask about reasons/ causesকেন
WhoUsed to ask about peopleকে
Whoseto ask about possessionকার
Whomto ask about people (object of the verb)কাকে
Howto ask about manner/ processকীভাবে
How manyto ask about number or quantity
of any countable things or person
কত, কতগুলো
How muchto ask about number or quantity
of any uncountable things
How farto ask about distanceকত দূর
How longto ask about distanceকতক্ষণ
How tallto ask about distanceকত লম্বা
WH Question Words List

How to form a WH Question

There are 2 ways you can form a question, with Auxiliary Verb and without Auxiliary Verb.

1. With an Auxiliary Verb

Normally, to make a question sentence, you need to place the Auxiliary Verb before the Subject. So, When you are making a question, the sentence structure should be-

Wh Word + Auxiliary + Subject + Verb ...?

Common Auxiliary Verbs are be, do, have. and the others are will, shall, would, can, could, must, should, may, might, etc.


What do you do for a living?

Why should we learn English?

When is Rina coming?

2. Without an Auxiliary Verb

If wh-word is playing the role of subject, you don't need an auxiliary verb to make a question. Then, the sentence structure should be-

Wh Word + Verb ...?


What happened to Riyad?
A bad accident happened to him today.

Who won the game?
Kiron won the game.

Who gave you this present?
My sister gave me this present.

Usages of WH Words


What color is your dress?
It’s purple.

What are you reading? 
I am reading an article.

What do you have in your bag? 
I have some books in my bag.

The following lessons about WH question may help you:

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