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Here is 37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question of English. Test yourself answering the questions and match the answer to know your competence.

English MCQ of 37th BCS Preliminary

1. Which of the following words is in the singular form?
a) formulae
b) agenda
c) oases
d) radius

2. Choose the correct sentence?
a) All of it depend on you
b) All of it are depending on you
c) All of it depends on you
d) All of it are depended on you

3. “A rolling stone gathers no moss.” The complex form of the sentence is —?
a) Since a stone is rolling, it gathers no moss.
b) Though a stone rolls, it gathers no moss.
c) A stone what rolls gathers no moss.
d) A stone that rolls gathers no moss.

4. A chart was appended to the report. Here ‘appended’ means–
a) changed
b) removed
c) joined
d) shortened

5. The mother sat vigilantly beside the sick baby. Here ‘vigilantly’ is–
a) a noun
b) an adverb
c) an adjective
d) none of the three

6. The new offer of job was alluring. Here ‘alluring’ means–
a) unexpected
b) tempting
c) disappointing
d) ordinary


7. “Who planted this tree here?” The correct passive voice of this sentence is–
a) By whom the tree was planted here?
b) Who the tree had been planted hereby?
c) The tree was planted here by whom?
d) By whom had the tree been planted here?

8. Fraility¬† the name is women. Here ‘Fraility’ is–
a) A noun
b) An adjective
c) An adverb
d) A verb

9. Education is enlightening. Here ‘enlightening’ is —
a) A gerund
b) A participle
c) An infinitive
d) A finite verb

10. Chooose the appropriate preposition in the blank of the following sentence: The family doesn’t feel — going outing this season.
a) in
b) on
c) like
d) of

11. Fill in the blank with appropriate use of tense: I couldn’t mend the computer myself, so I — at a shop.
a) had it mended
b) had it mend
c) did it mend
d) had mended

12. Use the appropriate article–. I saw — one-eyed man when I was walking on the road.
a) a
b) an
c) the
d) no article is needed

13. The word ‘omnivorous’ means –
a) eating all types of food
b) eating only fruits
c) eating only meat
d) eating grass and plants only

14. Complete the following sentence choosing the appropriate option: It’s raining cats and dogs, so –
a) watch out for falling animals.
b) make sure you take an umbrella.
c) keep your pets inside.
d) keep the windows open.


15. The phrase ‘Achilles heel’ means –
a) A strong point
b) A weak point
c) A permanent solution
d) A serious idea

16. He worked with all sincerity. The underlined phrase is –
a) A noun phrase
b) An adjective phrase
c) An infinitive phrase
d) An adverbial phrase

17. This is the book I lost. Here ‘I lost’ is –
a) A noun phrase
b) An adverbial clause
c) An adjective clause
d) None of the three

18. Which do you think is the nearest in meaning to ‘proviso’:
a) Sanction
b) Substitute
c) Stipulation
d) Directive

19. Cassandra is a night owl, so she doesn’t usually get up until about:
a) 11 a.m
b) 11 p.m
c) 7 a.m
d) 7 p.m

20. Select the word that is the most closely opposite in the meaning to the capitalized word: DELETERIOUS
a) Toxic
b) Spurious
c) Harmless
d) Lethal

21. ‘Gerontion’ is a poem by –
a) T.S Eliot
b) W.B Yeats
c) Matthew Arnold
d) Robert Browning







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