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Dear students, here I came with a very common paragraph for you. I think you are familiar with the paragraph on An Ideal Student or A Good Student. Read the following questions that are described in the paragraph.

Answer the following questions to write a continuous paragraph.

  1. Who is an ideal student?
  2. What are the duties of a student?
  3. Is he obedient to superiors?
  4. How does he behave with others?
  5. Does he take part in co-curricular activities?

An Ideal Student Paragraph

Paragraph on An Ideal Student (150 Words)

An Ideal Student/ A Good Student

An ideal student is he who is sincere in studies, curious to learn and understand new things, honest in thought and action, good in behavior and obedient to parents and seniors. At first, he must be a good student. He has a regular routine for doing his everyday tasks. An ideal student spends most of his time in studies. So he is regular and punctual. He does the right thing at the right moment. Generally, he is sociable, truthful and hardworking. He performs his duties to Allah, to parents, friends, society, and country.  He helps other students in learning. He respects his seniors and loves juniors. He does not find fault with others but tries to find his own drawbacks and overcome them. He takes part in games and sports. He is seen as a volunteer in any crisis of flood, cyclone, earthquake, etc. He is also a great patriot who is ready to die for his motherland. In a word, an ideal student has all the good qualities and becomes a role model for other students.

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