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Though English is the language of world communication, internet, technology, many students nowadays fail in English. It needs no telling about the importance of learning English. This is a newspaper report on the causes of student’s failure in English. Here I’ve talked about some causes of student’s failure in English in Bangladesh. 

Report on Causes of Student’s Failure in English

Student’s failure in English is a common matter in Bangladesh. When it has become imperative for us to learn English well and keep pace with the fast advancing world, we are still showing very poor control over this important language.
Report on Causes of Students Failure in English
After talking to a professor of the English department at Rajshahi University, it is found that improper techniques and unskilled teachers are responsible for that. He also blamed on ineffective examination system running in the country for student’s failure.
A group of researchers from the University of Dhaka, led by Muhammad Hasanuzzaman, specified some factors contributing to the problem.
The main reason is that English is a foreign language. Students have a wrong approach to English. They learn English not as a language but as a subject. Very few of them are earnest in learning English. Students learn English lessons only to cross the barriers of exams. They memorize and learn how to answer the questions in the exam. Most of the students find English very unpleasant and examination fearful.
Secondly teaching a foreign language is very difficult when the learners are not interested in the subject.
Thirdly, the form of the questions in the public examinations and the method of evaluating the answer scripts induce cramming rather than learning the language.
Finally, the faulty and improper nature of testing persuades the students to run after the so-called ‘touch and pass’ system.
Experts said answering how students can develop in English that teachers should introduce the curriculum based on communicative English that can be easily learnt through interesting and real interactions. It is time to do something for the students to save them from the disgrace of failure.
They also say that textbooks should be composed on the basis of this. Students should be provided with the atmosphere to practice and experience the language they are learning. We should do everything possible for the betterment of students in English.

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