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Digital Bangladesh refers to an e-state. It means that all the activities of a country will be powered by computers and the internet. Today the whole world is gradually becoming a digital world. Almost every country is towards it. Bangladesh cannot stay away from its advantages.

“Digital Bangladesh” is a time-proven step. Though Bangladesh has achieved independence about 40 years ago, still it has not achieved freedom from corruption, poverty, and power crisis. To make the government activities transparent and promote speed to office work, the process is a must. But we have to keep in mind that a continuous supply of electricity is a must to fulfill the goal.

The very first step for “Digital Bangladesh” would be to spread ICT education in the country. Every primary and secondary student should have access to it. Internet facilities should be given everywhere. IT education will be made compulsory at the secondary level by 2013 and at the primary level by 2021.

For “Digital Bangladesh” our communication system should be developed. Measures will be taken for the expansion of the railway. Rail and road connection under the “Asian Highway schemes” must be developed. Bangladesh should ensure basic human needs like food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care for its citizens.

Without meeting any of these needs, Digital Bangladesh is not possible. Bangladesh is a populated country. But the people here have a huge potential. It is very important to create skilled manpower.

We should make our people educated in science and technology. But due to poverty and illiteracy, the use of ICT is beyond imagination. Some people consider it nothing but a fashion. But we should remember that ICT is an essential tool for economic development employment and skilled manpower.

Though Bangladesh has many problems, the people of this country have got a ray of hope as the present Government is committed to building a Digital Bangladesh by the plan “Vision 2021”. Now it is our duty to support the Government to reach its goal. We should raise consciousness among the people about science and technology.

If we can build up a “Digital Bangladesh” We will be able to raise our heads upward with dignity among the nations of the whole world.

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