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Satellite TV channels are the most widespread modes of entertainment in the present world. These channels have a great contribution to our knowledge and education. They also have great recreational value. But at the same time, they have some negative sides too.

Satellite TV channels are television channels that broadcast programmes by means of satellite. The broadcast programmes are received in STVR or Satellite Television Receiver which we call dish antenna. The programmes are then shown on television screens linked to the STVR.

Bangladesh introduced satellite channels for the first time in 1992 by allowing BBC and CNN to telecast their programmes. But those channels would telecast their programmes in Bangladesh through BTV. However, satellite TV channels have become accessible throughout the country by means of STVR or dish antenna. Nowadays, Bangladeshi people can enjoy more than 100 satellite TV channels.

Satellite TV channels are satisfying people’s interest and demand for entertainment, knowledge and information very efficiently. They provide people with round-the-clock news service and keep them informed of the latest affairs happening around the globe. Various channels like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal planet etc. telecast reports on new discoveries, animal world, weather, agriculture, world heritage etc. Some channels show reports and analysis on financial activities around the world while some other telecast culture programmes, movies, dramas, live sports etc. So, we see that satellite TV channels play a significant role in upgrading the standard of life.

Satellite TV channels leave some bad effects on the viewers, especially on the youngsters. Many satellite TV channels telecast obscene and vulgar films, dramas, music videos etc. which degrade the moral standard of our youngsters. Sensational murder and violence in films often make young people more aggressive. Moreover, young people, nowadays, are so fond of satellite TV channels that their lifestyle is greatly influenced by culture. So, many people consider satellite TV channels to be a cultural assault of the western countries on the developing countries.

Satellite TV channels are the need of the time. Considering the possible bad influence Govt. should not close the access to satellite TV channels. In fact, the satellite TV itself is not responsible for its harmful effect. It is the user who is responsible for any abuse. A user who is wise and intelligent can be highly benefitted from satellite TV channels. Such a user can increase his/her knowledge by watching different channels. So we have to be careful in using the satellite TV channels so that we can avoid harmful effects.

In spite of having some demerits,  we can not but admit that satellite TV channels are the boons of modern science and technology. Therefore, we should take great care in handling this blessing of science. We should appreciate anything positive and constructive of these channels and carefully avoid anything harmful.

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