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Hi dear students how is going your study? Today I am with a new and important paragraph for you. You know recently dengue fever has broken out in our country. With great efforts, we could solve that problem. Thanks to Allah for that.

Now, students should know about that and be able to write a short paragraph about dengue fever. Students should know about dengue fever symptoms, causes, recovery and prevention of this disease.

So read the paragraph for your better preparation. Hope this will help you a lot.


Paragraph on Dengue Fever (200 Words)

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Dengue is a viral disease spread by a mosquito named “Aedes”. The “Aedes” mosquito is the culprit. The disease prevails mostly in tropical countries like ours.

The main culprit “Aedes” mosquito is born in stagnant fresh water and rainwater. There remains clogged water in flowerpots, damaged tyres, drains, waste plastic bags, and bottles around our home. Sometimes, we see water clogged on the roof of buildings. Dengue causes a sustained high-grade fever, red rashes all over the body, much pain around, inside or behind the eyes, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and muscle aches. There are two types of dengue.

These are classic dengue and dengue hemorrhagic. Normally, classic dengue recovery occurs more quickly but dengue hemorrhagic decreases platelet count of the blood, It causes bleeding, organ failure or even death.

There is no vaccine against dengue. So prevention is very crucial. We must keep our household areas clean so that water can not be clogged in flowerpots, vases, tyres etc. Besides, we must protect ourselves from mosquito bites. That’s why we should always wear protective clothing like pants, long sleeves, and socks and use mosquito nets while sleeping. Above all, we had better consult a doctor if any fever persists for days.

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