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Here I’m going to discuss the key differences between wet farming and dry farming. First of all, let’s know what is wet agriculture and dry agriculture.

What is Wet Farming

Wet farming is a method of agriculture that depends on only regular and adequate rainfall, without artificial irrigation.

Mainly. wet farming is seen in countries or regions that are affected by the monsoon climate. This type of farming is controlled by the environment.

What is Dry Farming

In some parts of the world, there is not enough rain naturally and there is no facility for artificial irrigation. In those areas, farming is fully dependent on a small amount of rainfall. This type of farming is called dry farming.

The soils here are dry where is not much moisture. The average rainfall in these regions is below 20 cm average in a year. There is no canal or river for irrigation. Cultivation can be done through specific techniques and advanced technology.

This type of agriculture is found mainly in the southwestern part of North America, Mexico in South America, Argentina, and the Middle East.

Difference between Wet Farming and Dry Farming

Difference between Wet Farming and Dry Farming

Wet FarmingDry Farming
The wet farming system fully depends on natural rainfall.A dry farming system depends on low rainfall because there is no scope for irrigation.
The annual average rainfall is more than 75 cm.The annual average rainfall is less than 75 cm.
Depending on the rainfall, one crop or two crops are cultivated annually.One crop is cultivated due to low rainfall
The production of crops is much higher in wet farmingProduction is low in dry farming
If modern technology is used in wet agriculture, it is possible to produce more crops than usualIt is difficult to cultivate in dry agriculture without the use of technology. Moreover, even with the use of modern technology, good crops are not available.
The main crops of wet agriculture are paddy, jute, tea, rubber etc.The main crops are wheat, maize, pulses, sorghum, millet and cereals.

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