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On 27 May National Curriculum and Textbook Board- NCTB has published a new short syllabus for SSC 2022 Examination. They have also published a Short syllabus for HSC 2022 as well.


This short syllabus is for 150 days for SSC Examinees. Students will be given 2 assignments per week

The Education Minister said that this year SSC will be held for 60 days and HSC examination will be held for 64 days on the basis of the short syllabus. Next year’s (2022) SSC and HSC examinations will also be based on the short syllabus. For this, a short syllabus has been prepared for 150 days for SSC examination.

It was informed at the press conference that due to the situation of coronavirus infection, it has been decided to extend the leave of educational institutions from primary to higher secondary till June 12 and open it from June 13 the next day. If the situation is favorable, the educational institution will be opened till June 13.

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