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Grammar advises for the admission test of the Public University of Bangladesh.
Most of you spend thousands of money on coaching. On bdclass.com We shall try to share all basic grammar lessons and related tips & trick at free of cost.
Study them regularly at home. Start your study from now for admission test after the HSC exam. Most of the student think they have enough time. So they wish to waste time. But before the admission test, they see the darkness in their eyes.
Do not worry about your results. Let it go and do hard work from after HSC to the admission test. If you can make good marks in English, you can get all the better subjects.

Important and Basic Grammar Lessons for Admission Test or Competitive Exams

1. Noun and Determiner
2. Gerund
3. Infinitive
4. Gender
5. Number
6. Problem Verb
7. Causative Verb
8. Model Auxiliary
9. Use of Know
10. Subject-Verb-Agreement
11. Singular Subject
12. Plural Subject
13. Parallelism / Negative emphasis
14. Parallelism
15. Tag Question
16. Conditional Sentence
17. Embedded Question
18. Affirmative Agreement
19. Negative Agreement
20. Degree ( Double Comparative, Superlative, Comparative )
21. Dangling Modifier
22. Use of Multiple Number
23. The right form of the verb
24. Use of For / Since
25. Use of Before / After
26. Use of While / When / As Soon As
27. Use of As though / As if
28. Use of No sooner had / Hardly had / Scarcely had
29. Use of clause 30. Use of possessive
31. Use of Person
32. Use of Tense
33. Voice
34. Sequence of Tense

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