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Gender Exercise

1. How many types of gender have existed?

a. Two types 
b. Three types
c. Four types
d. One types

2. Which one of the following nouns are used in the masculine form?
a. Autumn
b. Moon
c. Peace
d. Time

3. Which one is masculine gender?
a. Death
b. Miss
c. Spring
d. Liberty

4. Which of the noun is used in the feminine form?
a. Anger
b. Time
c. Moon
d. None

5. The child cried for ____ mother.
a. her
b. his
c. their
d. it’s

6. Which one is masculine gender?
a. nurse
b. virgin
c. judge
d. shrew

7. Whish one of the following is always feminine?
a. foal
b. fowl
c. spouse

8. What is the masculine gender of “Mare”?
a. Stallion
b. Mermaid
c. Bear
d. Dog

9. Which one is the feminine gender?
a. Swan
b. Baby
c. Niece
d. Dancer

10. Which of the following is a masculine gender?
a. Niece
b. Bee
c. Heir
d. Cow

11. Give the opposite gender of “doctor”.
a. Doctress
b. Lady doctor
c. Nurse
d. Doctor

12. Which one is in feminine form?
a. Deer
b. Bull
c. Horse
d. Doe

13. Which one is in masculine form?
a. Roe
b. Drake
c. Niece
d. Mare

14. The feminine of “ram” is –
a. Doe
b. Bitch
c. Drake
d. Ewe

15. What is the opposite of “witch”?
a. wizard
b. vidian
c. dog
d. hind

16. The masculine gender of “Lady” is-
a. Lad
b. Lord
c. Man
d. Husband

17. Which of the following is a feminine gender?
a. puppy
b. mare
c. drone
d. lion

18. The masculine gender of “duck” is-
a. ducky
b. Drake
c. he-duck
d. ducking

19. The masculine gender of “Hind” is-
a. Stag
b. Stage
c. Hindes
d. Hisddess

20. The feminine gender of “Drone” is-
a. Lass
b. Hind
c. Ewe

21. The feminine gender of “Colt” is-
a. Mare
b. Filly
c. Horse
d. Folly

22. The feminine gender of “Tailor”is-
a. Tailoress
b. Tailorix
c. she-tailor
d. Seamstress

23. The feminine gender of “Wizard” is-
a. Wizardess
b. Wich
c. Female wizard
d. Acrobat

24. The feminine form of word “Author” is-
a. Authors
b. Authorss
c. Authoress
d. Authores

25. What is the following gender of “heir”?
a. heiress
b. heires
c. heirs

26. What is the opposite gender of “poet”?
a. poetess
b. female poet
c. poet
d. poetress

27. The feminine gender of “duck” is –
a. Duken
b. Duchness
c. Dukein
d. Duches

28. “Duchess” is feminine of-
a. Dramatist
b. Dutchman
c. Earl
d. Duke

29. Which one is a common gender?
a. Baby
b. Girl
c. Man
d. Boy

30. Spouse is a ____ gender?
a. Neuter
b. Common
c. feminine
d. masculine


1. Four types
2. Time
3. Death
4. Moon
5. it’s
6. judge
7. shrew
8. Stallion
9. Niece
10. Heir
11. Lady doctor
12. Doe
13. Drake
14. Ewe
15. Wizard
16. Lord
17. Mare
18. Drake
19. Stag
20. Bee
21. Filly
22. Seamstress
23. Wich
24. Authoress
25. Heiress
26. Poetess
27. Duchness
28. Duke
29. Baby
30. Common

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