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Hi dear student, today I’m going to talk about a global problem which is Global Warming. As we know the temperature or the world is increasing day by day. Ask yourself, have you thought about how it will affect our ways of living, our environment or our economy?

You can not imagine what a dangerous future we are waiting for. Global warming has many impacts on almost everything in our nature. Here, I am going to talk about one impact which is on the economy of a country.

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How Does Global Warming Affects The Ecomony

Causing damage to property and infrastructure

Global warming causes the melting of huge mountains of ice. Thus sea level keeps rising day by day. This rise in sea level is the main reason for the frequent flood. Besides, droughts, wildfires, and extreme storms always cause damage to our property and infrastructure.

After that, we need to spend a huge sum of money for the repair of that infrastructure such as roads, bridges, runway, power lines, dams, houses.

Not only that, the government has to provide the affected people with relief goods and money. Every year a country has to spend much.

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Losing industrial and agricultural productivity 

We can see this impact with our eyes. When a country falls a victim to frequent natural disasters, it gradually loses its strength of production.

How? Let me explain. Disruptions of climate change can mean losing work, school days, the harm of trade and business.

Flood damages the cultivable lands, destroys crops and brings our life to a standstill. It stops almost everything for nearly 15 days to a month. 

Severe rainfall and snowstorms can delay cultivation, air travel and makes difficult to do anything.

Climate change-related health risks also reduce productivity. For example, when there is extreme heat in your area, you can not work. Even you can not go out of home. Climate change also causes health problems.

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Causing mass migration

Global warming is likely to increase the number of “Climate Refugees” worldwide. When natural disasters like flooding, drought forced people to leave their homes, they have to migrate to another country or area.

Every year, climate change forces the lacs of people to leave their own homes and country. This mass movement of people causes social disruption, unrest and sometimes military intervention or any other bad consequences.

Increasing the cost of coping

As I talked at the first point, every year an affected country has to spend a huge sum of money to cope with the calamities caused by climate change.

Now we may try to find new ways of coping with climate impacts. We’ll try to find how we can control emissions of carbon dioxide or find alternative energy sources that will emit less carbon dioxide. It is found that coping with climate impacts is more costly than taking steps to reduce carbon emissions.

For example, the government might take steps to ensure that houses are more energy-efficient, has early warning systems for heatwaves and disasters and add emergency responders are some of the expensive ways of coping with extreme events. Governments may also have to build seawalls, stronger bridges, contain sewer overflows, subways or any other critical components for developed transportation systems.

Everything we do to cope with the impacts of global warming needs a huge sum of money. Rebuilding after disasters is more costly than these preventive measures.

However, we have to think about our nearest future now.

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