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Here I have shared how to make a pudding paragraph for students. Read the paragraph attentively to understand the whole process.

Hope you’ll enjoy the paragraph and must make a pudding yourself. Please make a comment with yes if you know how to make a pudding and no if you don’t.

Paragraph on How to Make Pudding

How to Make a Pudding

Pudding is a healthy and favorite food for most of people. It is a sweet dish normally served after the main course of the meal. The process of making a pudding is simple. Before you start, you should arrange all the ingredients. The ingredients are egg 4 pieces, full-fat milk – 1 cup, sugar – 8 tbs or 1/2 cup, salt – according to taste, vanilla essence – 2/3 drops.

At first, you should make the pudding mixture. You have to crack the eggs in a bowl and add 4 tbs sugar and salt and vanilla essence there. Stir them with a whisk well until everything mixes together and becomes smooth and silky. Make sure all the sugar dissolves properly. Then Pour the warm milk into the mixture and stir again the mixture. For better and smooth pudding, you can filter the mixture.

how to make pudding paragraph


Now, you are to make caramel for the pudding. Take 4 tbs of sugar in a pot and place it onto the oven on medium heat. You don’t need to add any water to the sugar. Soon, the sugar will start to melt and change its color. When it becomes brown in color, remove the pot from the heat.

Now it comes the final step. Pour the hot caramel into the mold. Then, add the pudding mixture into the pot.

Now, place the mold inside another larger pan or pot which After that, cover the mold with a lid and place it inside another larger pot half-filled with water. You can also put this in a pressure cooker or bake in a microwave oven. Cook the mixture in 200 degree Celsius for about 40 minutes. Hope, your pudding will be ready.


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