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This post is for parents and teachers of Kids. If you are trying to finding ways how to teach your kids irregular past tense verbs, the following tips will surely help you.

Remembering irregular past forms of verbs sometimes difficult for many. For little kids and primary level students it remains always difficult.

Here, I’ll be writing about 5 very useful tips you can teach irregular past tense verbs to your children. The following are the 5 tips.

Make a List of the most Used Irregular Verbs

At first, make a small list of daily and most used irregular verbs, their past forms and past participle forms. Though irregular verbs are not so many.

If your kids are very little or in elementary school, list only regular used verbs. Here is a short list of irregular verbs that are used mostly in daily conversation.

Teach them in Action or Using Picture

While you are teaching, you do it in your action. Perform the verb action and tell the kids to describe in past tense.

Or you can use picture to make them understand what happened.

At first you can help making the sentence.

Explain Changes in Spelling of Irregular Past Forms

You know there is a spelling difference in irregular past and past participle forms. Normally, irregular past tense is formed changing the Vowel in the verbs.

You should explain the spelling rules and ways to your children and help them to remember the spelling.

This would be easier to remember the verbs, its past and past participle form.

Practice Them Again and Again

There is no alternative to practicing. Keep your children on practice regularly. Practice the verbs over and over again.

Irregular past tense is just to memorize each one. There are a lot of exceptions and no rules of forming past tense. So, it’s best to learn the verbs explicitly and practice them again and again.

Correct and Remind in Conversation

Give your kids tests. If they made mistakes, correct them and remind about it. Thus, it will permanently be saved on their memory.

Repeat the test again and see if they can fix the error themselves.

Hopefully these tips will surely help you teaching your children.

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