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Important Paragraphs for Class 8 and JSC Exam 2021 (100% Common)

1. Traffic Jam

Paragraph on traffic jam is very common and the examinee of JSC must prepare this paragraph. About 70% teachers suggest their students to learn this paragraph.

Bdclass has shared this in 150 and 200 words. You will find it easy to learn

Read Paragraph about Traffic Jam

2. Your School Magazine

Read Paragraph on A School Magazine

3. Tree Plantation

Read Paragraph on Tree Plantation

4. Your School Library

Read Paragraph about A School Library

5. A Tea Stall

Read Paragraph about A Tea Stall

5. A Winter Morning

Read Paragraph about A Winter Morning

6. Our National Flag

Read Paragraph on Our National Flag

7. A Rainy Day

Read Paragraph about A Rainy Day

8. Load Shedding

Read Paragraph on Load Shedding

9. A Book Fair

Read Paragraph on A Book Fair

10. Importance of Learning English

Read Paragraph on the importance of learning English

11. Street Accident / Road Accident

Read Paragraph on A Streed Accident

12. A Day Labourer

Read Paragraph about a day labourer

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