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JSC English Question 2019 With Answers

Hey dear student, are you looking for your JSC English Question solution 2019? I have shared JSC English question 2019 with answers for you. You can download it in image and PDF format.

JSC English Question 2019


JSC English Question Solution 2019

Part C- Grammar Part

9. Adding Suffix, Prefix or both.
a) worldly, b) Shortage, c) deplorable, d) properly, e) difficulty, f) dependent, g) utilization, h) improper, i) destruction, j) careful.

10. Article
a) a, b) X, c) X, d) the, e) a, f) the, g) a, h) X, i) a, j) the
11. Transformation
a) Isn’t cricket a very exciting game?
b) This game is enjoyed.
c) It is not a cheap game at all.
d) Who dislikes it?/ Everybody likes it.
e) If I could play it!
12. Narration
Once I asked a little girl what her mother’s name was. She replied that she knew her mother’s name but she wouldn’t tell me that she also added that she never told her mother’s name to anybody whom she didn’t know. I exclaimed that she was very clever.
13. Punctuation
“Why were you absent?” said the teacher, “The headmaster is very angry with you. Go to him at once.” “I was seriously ill.” said Papia.

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