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Here, some of the important exercises on the modifier are shared with answers. Hope this will be helpful for you.


Modifier Exercises with Answers

Read the following passages and use modifiers as directed in the blank spaces.

1. Once a cook roasted a duck for his master. The roast looked (a) … (pre-modify the adjective with an intensifier) delicious. He failed to resist (b) … (pre-modify the noun with a possessive) temptation and ate one of its drumsticks. When his master sat down (c) … (post-modify the verb with an infinitive), he quickly noticed the (d) … (pre-modify the noun) leg and asked him about it. The cook replied that the duck had (e) … (pre-modify the noun) leg only. The master said that there was no such thing as one (f) … (pre-modify the noun) duck. He insisted that this duck had only one leg. (g) … (pre-modify the verb with a present participle) angry, the master threatened (h) … (post-modify the verb with an infinitive) him from the job. The cook looked out of the window and some ducks (i) … (post-modify the noun with a present participle) outside in the yard. He saw one duck (j) … (post-modify the noun) one leg folding the other one inside.

Answer: (a) very (b) his (c) to eat (d) missing (e) one (f) legged(g) Being (h) to fire (i) resting (j) standing.

2. Drug addiction among the young generation has become a (a) … (pre modify the noun) concern. Drug is usually used as medicine (b) … (use an infinitive) diseases and an excess of taking drug mono disease is called drug addiction. It has grasped the young generation (c) … (post modify the verb) drugs to forget (d) … (use possessive) sadness. (E) … (pre modify the noun) people take various drugs (f) … (post modify the verb). Drug addiction causes (g) … (use an adjective) harms to human body. (H) … (use a participle phrase). We can remove this curse from our society. All concerned should take initiatives (I) … (use an infinitive) it. The criminals should be punished (j) … (use an adverb).


Computer is one of the (a) … (pre modify the noun) inventions of modern technology. It has changed the world (b) … (post modify the verb). It is being used in (c) … (free modify the noun) sectors. Both teachers and students use it (d) … (post modify the verb with an infinitive) knowledge. So, it is helping education (e) … (post modify the verb). It helps (f) … (post modify the verb with an infinitive) diseases. It has quickened (g) … (free modify the noun) transaction. It is also used (h) … (post modify the verb) in industries and factories. But it was not inventive (I) … (post modify the verb). It took (j) … (free modify the noun) years to develop.


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