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Hello dear student, are you looking for the Composition on My First Day at College?

I have shared Your First Day at College Composition for HSC candidates.

Composition on My First Day at College (200 words)

My First Day at College

The first day at college is an important event in every student’s life. My first day at college is also an important event for me that cannot be forgotten.

College life is an important step for building our next career. So after the SSC examination, I was keenly waiting for that day. I was dreaming about my new college.

I was a student of Rangamati govt college which is one of the best colleges in our district. To my surprise, I found that there is no restriction on uniforms. I also observed that the students are free in their movement.

On the appointed day, I left for college very early. When I arrived, I saw the whole campus was crowded. All the faces were unknown. At first, I go to the notice board. I noted down the time-table of my class. Then I attended the classes. The professor was so friendly. He guided us about college life and discipline. I understood that a new chapter had opened in my life.

My First Day at College Composition

On this day I also got some new friends too. All in all, it was an enjoyable day. Generally, I think my first day at college will be a great experience for me.

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My First Day at College Composition (350 words)

My First Day at College | A Memorable Day

There are many memorable events in my life. Out of those, all are not equally important and memorable. My first day at college is such a day that I will never forget. The memory will remain evergreen in my life.

On this day, I was so excited because I heard a lot of things about college life. So I had been eagerly waiting for that sweet day since passing SSC.

Finally, the desired day arrived. That day I woke up very early in the morning. The weather was the same as it was every day. I reached the college just at 9 a.m. It was Kornafully govt college, Kaptai.

The class was supposed to start at 10 a.m. The entire campus was crowded by lots of young students. Everyone was waiting for the class to start. I realized that a new chapter had opened in my life. In this life, I must go forward.

At first, I felt very lonely because I didn’t know anyone there. So I was walking here and there. After some time, I met some new students and got introduced. We exchanged greetings with one another.

The bell rang just at 10 a.m. Then we all enter a big room. A few minutes later, a well-dressed professor presents before us. We all stood up to honour him. First, he called over the rolls. Then he introduces himself. I come to know that he was a professor of English.

After that, he wrote our class routine ‍and room number on the board. I took down my class routine and room number. To be surprise, I found that I had to change my classroom after every period. Next, he delivered an advising lecture. I listen to him very attentively.

This day was a great day for me. I found a big difference between a school and a college. I also found a lot of new teachers and new friends. All the new experience makes my day a great memorable event in my life. I will never forget this day.

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