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Noun and Determiners in English Grammar and Exercises

Here you can find Nouns and Determiners list and Exercises. 

Noun and Determiner

The following nouns are non-count nouns. These nouns must be memorized. Non-count nouns can not be counted. So a, an, one, another, each, every, etc those do not sit before non-count noun. With a non-count noun, you can not use s/es to make it plural.
Noun and Determiner

Noun and Determiner list

  • Accommodation, advice, bread, baggage, damage, equipment, expenditure, fun, furniture, homework, jewellery, knowledge, land, lighting, luck, laughter, money, news, progress, pollution, rain, rice, rubbish, stuff, scenery, shopping, machinery, thunder, traffic, information, travel, violence, weather, work, permission.
1. [A many, many, too many, many of, a number of, few, fewer, only a few, several, these, those, etc after that noun and verb are always plurals.]

2. [”Many a, a, an, another, one, each, every” they’re sitting before singular count noun and singular verb.]
3. [”Little, less, only, a little, much, an amount of” they’re sitting before the non-count noun and singular verb.]

Try yourself:
    1. Choose a word that never has a plural form. 
    a. information 
    b. inventor 
    c. mouse 
    d. woman
      2. The correct plural form of advice is _____ 
      a. much advices 
      b. many advices 
       c. advices 
      d. no plural 
        3. Which one is the plural form of ”information”? 
        a. information 
        b. informatives
        d. none
          4. Choose the incorrect word or phrase and correct it. 
          A/(A few) tiles on skylab  B/(were) the only C/(equipments) that failed to D.(perform) in outer space. 
            5. Choose the best answer: 
            a. Can I have a loaf of bread? 
            b. Can I have breads?
            c.  Do I have a breads? 
            d. Please, give me a salt.
              6. _____ is not the only thing that tourists want to see. 
              a. Scenery 
              b. A scenery
              c. Sceneries
               d. The sceneries
                7. In order to improve farming methods, we need _____ 
                a. A machinery 
                b. machinery
                c. machine 
                d. machineries


                  1. information
                  2. no plural
                  3. none
                  4. equipments
                  5. Can I have a loaf of bread?
                  6. Scenery
                  7. machinery
                  8. Few
                  9. a little
                  10. Much
                  11. only a few crops
                  12. many

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