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Here you can learn about singular and plural number in English grammar and how can we change it. There also you can find what is number definition.

what is number definition

What is Number?

The number is a category of the words: Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, and Verb. There are two types of number. 1. Singular and 2. Plural.
Every noun, pronoun, and verb has two categories Singular and Plural. Some adjectives also have singular and plural.
In English Grammar, misuse of singular and plural is incorrect. That is why we should be aware of using word with correct number.

Some Examples of Number in English Grammar

Singular Example
Plural Example
Noun Book, Boy, Cat, Woman Books, Boys, Cats, Women
Pronoun I, You, He, She we. you, they
Verb does, is/am, was, has do, are, were, have
Adjective This, That, His, Her, Your Those, Their, Your

How to Change The Number in English Grammar

Rule 1: Change (SIS)  to (SES)

Singular (sis)
Plural (ses)
Analysis Analyses
Axis Axes
Basis Bases
Crisis Crises
Diagnosis Diagnoses
Hypothesis Hypotheses
Oasis Oases
Thesis Theses
Parenthesis parentheses
Synopsis Synopses

Rule 1: Change (UM)  to (A)

Singular (um)
Plural (a)
Agendum Agenda
Datum Data
Erratum Errata
Medium Media
Memorandum Memoranda
Referendum Referenda

Rule 1: Change (US)  to (I)

Singular (us)
Plural (i)
Focus Foci/Focuses
Genius Genii/Geniuses
Locus Loci
Radius Radii
Stimulus Stimuli
Syllabus Syllabi
Terminus Termini
Genus Genera
Corpus Corporal/Corpuses

Exercises of Numbers in English Grammar 

• The singular form of “Bacteria’’ is ————
1. Bacteriam   2. Becterian
3. Becteriem   4. Becterium
• Which one of the following word is in the plural form?
1. Analysis     2. Radius
3. Datum        4. Media
• Which one of the following word is in the singular form?
1. Radius         3. Agenda
2. Oases           4. Formulae
• Identify the word in the plural form:-
1. Stadium       3. Radii
2. Physics         4. Agendum
• The plural form of the radius is——-
1. radii             3. radius
2. radi              4. Radius
• The plural form of ‘index’ is ——–
1. indii             3. Indus
2. indices         4. Indexes
• Identify the word in the singular form:
1. Index           3. Agenda
2. Stadia          4. data
• What is the Plural form of the word is ‘louse’?
1. Louse        3. Licess
2. Lice           4. Lices


  1. Becterium
  2. Media
  3. Radius
  4. radii
  5. radii
  6. indices
  7. Index
  8. Lice

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