Abdul Ahwal

Founder and Author
Email: contact@abdulahwal.com
Web: https://abdulahwal.com

Abdul Ahwal was born on 17 December 1987. He is basically an SEO, Expert & Blogger. He runs a local IT and Printing Business. Besides, he is running several websites including BDclass to spread and share knowledge among the Students, Bloggers, Business Owners and the people who want to do something by themselves.


He completed SSC in 2005, HSC in 2007, B.B.A honors (Accounting) under the National University of Bangladesh in 2012 and M.B.A (Accounting) in 2013. He has received many professional pieces of training from Udemy Inc and other international online-based institutions.


Baraichari Govt. Primary School
BK Nurul Huda Kaderi High School
Karnaphuli Govt. College
Rangamati Govt. College


Professionally, he is a Digital Marketing Expert. Besides, he runs a local printing and stationery business. He started blogging in 2010 creating his first blog as he wanted to provide students with educational tutorials and contents. He started learning Web Designing form W3Schools and learnt SEO and Digital Marketing from Udemy and Neil Patel. Then he was taking interest in developing blogger templates by thoroughly reading articles and tutorials online. His thirst for learning web languages and technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP and SEO has made him an SEO expert and Website Builder without having taken any professional course. Now he is sharing Educational and SEO tutorials for learners.