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Hey friends, in this post I am going to share a paragraph about education. You can also name this paragraph on importance of education.

Here are 3 paragraphs, first one is in 100 words, second in 150 words and the last in 200 words. Read the paragraph which is suitable for your level.

Paragraph on Education in 100 Words


Education is an important part of human life. Education gives us meaning to our life. It develops our mind and intellect. It helps to know the right and wrong. It also helps us to take the best decision in life. In an educated society, people can ensure well planned social structure, political and economic welfare. So, education ensures social justice, political freedom and economic strength. On the other hand, a society remains in the darkness without education. Education must be given most priority in every society or country. Government should ensure that children must have access to education. A society or country can progress swiftly and peacefully through universal access to education.

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