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A good teacher is very important in our life. Only a good teacher can change our life, show us the right path, or can be an inspiration. Today, I’m gonna write a paragraph about a good teacher and the qualities of a good teacher.

Le’ts start reading the paragraph about the qualities of a good teacher,

Paragraph about the Qualities of a Good Teacher

Paragraph about a Good Teacher
A good teacher has some outstanding qualities that help him to be an ideal teacher. Such as his teaching method is extraordinary and art o speaking is very appealing. He makes his lessons interesting to his students. He is like an actor when he delivers his lectures. A good teacher never sits motionless before class. He is able to bring out the latent talent of a student with proper guidance.

An ideal teacher is always well behaved. He is not biased to any student, rather he treats all the student equally. He is a man of upright character in his personal life. He is punctual and economical in every respect. He does the right thing at the right time. He is studious and sincere to his work.
Moreover, he takes care of every student so that he regards him as an intimate friend. This is how he becomes very popular with his students and becomes a model for them. If a teacher has all the above qualities, he is a good teacher as well as an ideal teacher.

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