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Dear students, Earthquake is a common and most dangerous natural calamity. I’ll share some paragraphs on earthquake for HSC and all other classes with Bengali meaning. In this paragraph, I’ll discuss the reasons and harmful effects of earthquake.

Let’s read the paragraph understanding meaning. After reading, you will learn the followings:

  • What is earthquake?
  • What are the causes of earthquake?
  • What are the bad effects of earthquake?
  • How can we minimize the loss of earthquake?

Paragraph on Earthquake for HSC in 150 words

Paragraph on Earthquake


Nowadays earthquake has become a buzzword in our country for a few special reasons. In fact, Bangladesh lies in the active earthquake zone. Recently it is frequently felt in Bangladesh. But the people of our country are not conscious enough about the gravity of this dangerous natural calamity. If any major earthquake occurs in Bangladesh, most of the buildings in most city areas will be destroyed as they are not built in accordance with an earthquake-resistant code. Moreover, a group of experts says that the repetition of quakes in recent years should be taken as a signal for a major earthquake. Another group believes that the matter shouldn’t be amplified though there are a variety of fault lines within the geographic area of Bangladesh, none of them are active enough to pose a major threat. However, in order to protect us from such an impending danger, everybody must be conscious of the causes and results of the earthquake.

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