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Dear student, this is a paragraph on health and wealth in 150 and 200 words. I have also written health is wealth essay in 300 and 500 words. You know, how important your health is for you. You never want you to become sick, right?

Today we’ll learn about the importance of health in this paragraph. Let’s start.

After reading the paragraph You will be able to know;

  • What is good health?
  • How health is important for us?
  • What are the benefits of having good health?
  • Why health is more valuable than money?
  • How does good health bring wealth and happiness?
paragraph on health is wealth

Paragraph on Health is Wealth in 150 Words

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Health is Wealth

“Health is wealth” is a common saying. This saying specifies how important health is for our life. Nothing is as valuable as health in our life. There is no happiness no gain without health. An unhealthy man can not enjoy any happiness he has. Human health means a state of the human body that is free from any illness. There is another saying that “A sound mind lives in a sound body.” If our health is well, our mind remains well. There is no importance of wealth if we don’t have good health. We can not enjoy our wealth being ill or unhealthy. So, wealth is worthless without good health. On the other hand, if we are healthy, we can work hard to earn money and wealth. Health is more important than money because money can not buy happiness. But, good health can bring money, happiness, pleasure and wealth. So, we should always try to become healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Paragraph on Health is Wealth in 200 Words

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Health is Wealth

We all know the old saying, “Health is wealth.” No other thing in our life is as valuable nearly as good health. Without healthiness, there’s no happiness and no peace. An unhealthy person cannot enjoy the pleasure of getting wealth.

Wealth is completely worthless without healthiness. Health is more valuable than money since money cannot buy health and happiness. On the contrary, healthiness can bring money, wealth and happiness. A healthy man is completely free from any quite illness. So he features a good mental condition. If a person features a sound health and sound mind, he can work on progress and prosperity. Thus he can earn wealth and happiness.

When we become ill, we lose energy to work and play. We lose our appetite. Our life becomes a burden to us. Life becomes boring and charmless once we are constantly sick. On the other hand, we will enjoy everything in our life if we have good health. We never become tired of playing or working. Life becomes beautiful and joyous once we enjoy sound health.

To get good health, morning walks and exercise is important for all. We should take a balanced diet, take enough rest, drink pure water and live in a pollution-free environment. Everyone must say prayers or perform salah which is the duty to our Creator. Health is more important than the other thing in our life.

So, we’ve to take proper care of our health so that we can enjoy our life completely.

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