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Paragraph on Human Rights for HSC

Human right is a birth right of a human being. This right doesn’t require any special social status to enjoy. As a human being every one has the right. It is also a universal right for us. Here I have shared a short paragraph on human rights specially for hsc students.

Paragraph on Human Rights for HSC

After reading the paragraph, you’ll learn,

  • How do you write human rights essay or paragraph?
  • What are our human rights?
  • What is universal declaration of human rights (UDHR)
  • Why is human right important?

Let’s read the paragraph now,

paragraph on human rights for hsc

Human Rights

Human right is the right that should be enjoyed by someone as a human being. This right does not consider one’s nationality, originality, religion, colour, residence, sex, group, language or any other social status.

There are international laws for protecting human rights across the world. The United Nations has formulated the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948. It was signed by member countries and made up of 30 articles which are included in international law.

Article 1 says that all human beings are born free and are equal in dignity and rights. Article 3 says that everyone has the right to life, liberty and security. Article 7 says that all are equal before law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of law. Article 18 says that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Article 19 says that everyone has the freedom of opinion and expression.

Because of war and other problems there occur serious humanitarian crises in many parts of the world. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights act like watch dogs. Every democratic country in the world tries to ensure human rights as proclaimed by the United Nations.

However, there are some rights of freedom but these rights of freedom are not without any responsibility. It is important that every country and every society should protect human rights for its safety, security, peace and prosperity.

Paragraph on Human Rights in 200 Words

Human right is the basic right that a person should enjoy from birth until death. This is regardless where a person is born from, what he/she believes and what social status he holds. This right can never be taken away from him. Sometimes, he may be restricted if he breaks the law.

Human rights include freedom of express, freedom of speech, right to education right to basic needs. One should enjoy the freedom to express one’s views and ideas without interruption from others. He has the right to be safe in his country and the government should ensure his protection. Citizens of a country should enjoy full freedom and have right to go to another country and return whenever they wish. Everyone should act in the spirit of brotherhood.

The condition of human rights in Bangladesh is not up to the mark. Specially the children and women are deprived enjoying human rights. Even now the rural women are neglected and bereft of fundamental rights. The street children are still deprived of all sorts of human rights. So to improve their condition,  people from all walks of life should come forward and extend their helping hand and the government must take steps as well.

It is important that every country society should protect human rights for its safety, security, peace and prosperity.

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