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Do you know that over 400 million people speak in English? English has become the most widely used language al over the world. It is the language of the computer, the internet, science and information technology, business and international communication. So this is not only a common language but also an important language. Today you will learn how English can change your life.
I am going to share a short paragraph about the importance of learning the English language. Here are some paragraphs in different sizes. You may choose which is suitable for your class.
Paragraph on the importance of learning English

Paragraph on the importance of learning English in 250 Words

Importance of Learning English

English is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy, business, and tourism. Knowing English increases your chances to build a successful career. English is also the most used language in the world. It has become the only language of international communication, the media, and the internet. So learning English is very important to keep pace with the competitive world. There are many reasons why learning English is important. At first, English is the official language of over 53 countries and spoken by over 400 million people. It is the most common second language of people all over the world. If we would like to talk to someone from another country, we must know English. So, English is the only language of international communication. It is also the language of business. Multinational companies and business firms use English as their official language. They need employees who know English because cross border communication is conducted in English. The Internet is the greatest source of knowledge. According to Wikipedia, 56% of content over the internet are in English. So, we have to know English to access to more of the internet. English is finally the language of world entertainment. Many of the world’s top films, drama, books and music are published in English. By learning English we’ll be able to access a great wealth of entertainment.  We can learn about cultures, habits and ways of life of different communities. Now we can understand the importance of English. It is so valuable that we cannot but learn it. We can get a better job in a multinational company if we have a good command over the language.


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