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Hey dear students, Here I have shared a paragraph on natural disasters or calamities for all grades or classes. I have written about the causes, effects, and solutions to natural calamities.


You must know all the possible causes and effects of natural disasters before writing a paragraph on this topic. You should also know what are solutions we can apply.

After reading this paragraph, you will learn;

  • What is the meaning of natural disasters?
  • What are the causes of natural calamities?
  • What are the effects of natural calamities on human lives?
  • What should we do at the time of disasters?

Paragraph on Natural Disasters in 250 Words for HSC

Natural Disasters / Calamities

Natural disasters are any natural forces such as floods, cyclones, earthquakes and river erosion etc. They cause a great threat to our environment and the ecological balance of a country.

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There are some reasons for natural calamities. Some calamities occur naturally. Firstly, Global warming and ecological imbalance are the two main reasons for natural calamities. Secondly, air pressure is also responsible for the storm. Thirdly ocean currents are responsible for cyclone and tidal surge. Besides, deforestation, seismic activity, moon activity also causes natural disasters.

Paragraph on Natural Disasters

There are many negative impacts on our life and economy. Flood is the most common disaster in Bangladesh. It usually occurs due to heavy rain in the rainy season. It causes untold suffering to the people of the coastal area. Even city area is flooded in the rainy season. Houses, cattle, and domestic animals are washed away. Crops in the field are damaged. Cyclones and storms cause the destruction of infrastructures and assets. Trees are uprooted. Roofs of houses are blown away. Earthquake damages roads, buildings and often takes human and animal lives. Besides, natural calamities cause scarcity of food and water, health problems, economic loss, etc.

We can not stop these natural forces but we can take emergency measures to reduce risk. The government should come forward to help people in disasters. We should invest in minimizing losses. We must ensure information sharing with people. Poor and helpless people should be provided with economic support after disasters. We should do mass tree plantation programs. Trees protect us from storms and cyclones. Bangladesh is vulnerable to different natural disasters.

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