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In this paragraph, I’ll explain the limitations and challenges of online education in the world and Bangladesh. Here is the paragraph on online education in Bangladesh for students.

During COVID 19, many educational institutions over the world resumed their academic activities over the internet. We have also experienced online education system in Bangladesh during covid-19.

Paragraph on Online Education in Bangladesh

So let’s read the full paragraph. After reading you will know the followings;

  • What is online education?
  • What are the limitations of online education or e learning?
  • What are the major challenges for Bangladesh to establish online education?

Online Education in Bangladesh

Online Education means teaching and learning will be over the internet using communication technologies and tools. It has a few benefits with too many limitations and challenges.

online education in Bangladesh paragraph


The word online education sounds well but there is many limitations of this. Firstly, this is inaccessible for computer illiterate people. Secondly, e-learning is limited to certain disciplines for now. Only social science and humanities may be suitable for online education. Business, Science and Medical fields require more practical experience and real-life training. But online education tends to only theoretical education. Thirdly, it undermines the teaching. Students don’t learn to respect teachers. Sometimes they don’t know how they should behave with others. Thus discipline is hampered in e-learning. Besides, there is lack of quality assurance and lack of communicational skill development in the online education system.


However, online education has become popular in 2020 for COVID 19 pandemic. Most of the educational institutions started their educational activities over the internet. Students are also joining eagerly with higher rates than before. In this way, students can listen the lectures again and again if they fail to understand first time. They can continue their education sitting at home.

Bangladesh has too many challenges to establish a wide and successful online education system in Bangladesh. The major challenges are high-speed internet coverage in the whole country and poor student’s affordability to use internet and computer. Besides, developed assessment and quality assurance system, students motivation, teachers training are some of more challenges.

Online education would be a good option if we could make it more engaging, quality assured and less time-consuming with a developed assessment process.

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