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In this post, I have shared a paragraph on our National Flag of Bangladesh. This paragraph is mostly common for class 5 to class 8 and JSC students.

I have written several paragraphs of different sizes. You can follow what suits you.  If you are a student of  SSC and HSC, you can also use it.

You must write a paragraph in a single paragraph though I showed them in multiple paragraphs for your better understanding.

Our national flag paragraph

Our National Flag Paragraph for Class 5 in 100 Words

Every country has a national flag of its own. As an independent country, Bangladesh also has a national flag. A national flag is the symbol of the freedom of a nation. Our national flag is rectangular. The background of the flag is bottle green and it has a red circle in the middle. The green colour stands for our green fields, everlasting freshness, vigour and vitality of our nation. The red circle stands for the red sun of freedom. The blood-red colour of the sun is a memorial of bloody war and the sacrifice of 30 lac martyrs lives. The flag’s length and breadth are in the ratio of 10:6. We are proud of our country and determined to hold the prestige of our national flag.

Paragraph on Our National Flag 150 Words

Our National Flag

A national flag is a symbol of the independence and sovereignty of a free country. Every free nation of the globe has its own flag. Similarly, Bangladesh has a national flag as She is an independent country.

Bangladesh got this flag on December sixteen, 1971, after a nine-month-long valiant struggle of our heroic freedom fighters with the occupying Pakistani army.

The national flag of Bangladesh is rectangular in shape having a proportion of 10:6 or 5:3. There are 2 colours in our flag – green and red. The green colour of our flag stands for everlasting youth, vigour, and freshness of the nation. It also symbolizes the greenery of Bangladesh. The red colour symbolizes the rising sun of independence. It stands for the supreme sacrifices of our heroic freedom fighters who set down their lives for the reason for their country of origin.

The flag is hoisted every day on top of government offices and educational institutions. Whenever we see our national flag flying, our mind is filled with joy and hearts swell in pride. We feel proud of our national flag.

Our National Flag Paragraph 250 Words

The national flag is a piece of fabric with a special and unique coloured design. It is used as the symbol of a particular country.

Every nation of the world has a national flag of its own. It is the symbol of the independence of a nation. As an independent country, Bangladesh has also a national flag.

We achieved this in 1971 at the cost of 30 lac of martyrs. The ratio of its length and breadth is 10:6. Our national flag is a green rectangle with a round red circle in the middle. The radius of the red circle is one-fifth of the length of the flag. The green colour represents our green fields and the youthful vigour of our country. The red circle symbolizes the blood of our 30 lac martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country. The red circle also stands for the red sun of freedom and new hope for a new nation.

After 9 months long bloody war, Bangladesh became independent on 16th December of 1971. The national flag is hoisted on the premises of every govt office, institute and organization in Bangladesh. It is kept half-mast on national mourning days

Our national flag reminds us of the supreme sacrifice of our heroic sons. It inspires us to die for the country. We should be determined to uphold the honour of our national flag and do duties to the nation.

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