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Dear students, you better know if there is library in your school. You know how much important this is. Today I’ll write a sample paragraph on school library for students like you.


I’ll write how is a school library, how it helps us etc. You must try to write a paragraph on your school library your own.

I made several paragraphs for your better understanding. You must write the paragraph in a single para. Let’s read the paragraph.

Paragraph on School Library in 200 words

Our School Library

A school library is a store house of knowledge which satisfies our thirst for knowing the unknown and unseen. Normally, library means a room or building containing a large collection of books. A school library is a room or place where the teachers and students can read, and borrow books from there.

There is almost no school or colleges without an internal library. We also have a school library in our school. It is a separate building beside the main school building. The library is well constructed. There are many almirahs containing a lot of books. The books are arranged on different shelves according to their categories. There is a large neat and clean reading room. There are some long tables with chairs for students and another table for teachers. At one corner, there is an office room for the librarian. He is a very nice person. When we search for a book, he helps us to find the book at once.

Students are given library cards by which they can issue books from the library. Students can keep the issued books for two weeks.

Most importantly silence is must in the library. Here nobody can make any noise. So, anyone can study here with full attention without any disturbance. We can read books there as we wish.

A school library is a part and parcel of a school. In other words, a school is never complete without a library. I get a lot of benefits from our school library. That is why I feel proud of my school library.

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