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Hey dear students, today I’m gonna share paragraphs on sound pollution or noise pollution what you are searching for. right? Here I will add more paragraphs on noise pollution that will be suitable for all classes.

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After reading this paragraph, you will learn

  • What is sound or noise pollution?
  • What are the causes of noise pollution?
  • What are the effects of noise pollution?
  • effects of noise pollution on the environment?
Paragraph on Sound Pollution

Short Paragraph on Sound Pollution for Class 11 and 12

Sound Pollution

When any sound vibration is harsh or uncomfortable is called sound pollution or noise pollution. Sound pollution has harmful effects on the human body and mind. There are many causes of sound pollution. Acute sound pollution occurs in towns, cities and industrial areas.

There are many causes of sound pollution. Firstly, the enormous growth of the human population and the increased use of machines in industrial works are the main causes of noise pollution. Secondly, hydraulic horns and whistles of different motor vehicles plying on the roads also cause serious sound pollution. Thirdly, the grinding sounds of mills and factories also contribute to noise pollution to a great extent. Besides, listening to music using loudspeakers, beating various kinds of drums and shouting of slogans on the loudspeaker are also responsible. There are many bad impacts of sound pollution. It causes many fatal diseases like heart attack, hypertension, blood pressure, deafness, etc. The normal growth of the children and the patients in the hospital are greatly affected by sound. High noise Small birds and animals. It often hinders the students to concentrate on their studies. Nobody is conscious of this type of pollution. We have to make people aware of the bad consequence of noise pollution. [200 Words]

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