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Hey! Hope you are well. After getting many requests to write a report on Dengue Fever in Bangladesh, I have finally come with it. Here is a report on dengue fever for HSC level students. I’ll also write more for SSC and Higher level students.

Please make a comment, how many reports you prepared for your public exam.

report on dengue fever for hsc

Report on Dengue Fever for HSC (250 Words)

Dengue Fever Breaks Record

Abdul Ahwal (Staff Reporter)

As the number of Dengue infected patients has been doubled compared to the same period last year, the dengue situation is getting worse.
A report from Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) says 155 people were infected last month but this number increased by 586 more till the end of this month. The number of dengue patients was 52 in May and 295 in June of last year.
A dengue patient feels pain in whole body especially in the head and behind eyes. Sometimes the red rash is seen in the body.
Talking to experts, it is known that there lie some reasons. Experts say climate change effects, intermittent rain, lack of cleanliness, weather are the main reasons for this situation.

A total of 10,148 people were infected with the dengue virus last year and 26 of them died. The previous highest was 6,232 in 2002. It has been a record for the dengue case this year. This year, 6 people died of dengue fever in Dhaka.
A recent survey by DGHS found the high presence of Aedes mosquito in Dhaka and nearby districts.

At a press conference, the health minister said they were trying as their best to control this situation. He also said they took steps to provide training to doctors, increase the facilities, provide dengue testing equipment and required medicine in govt. hospitals. Besides, they were working on public awareness.
Experts said this situation would not be worse if we could make the city clean. They insisted on keeping our household area clean. There should not be clogged water. We must use a mosquito net while sleeping and wear dresses covering the whole body.

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