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report on price hike

Q: Suppose you are a reporter of a daily newspaper. Now write a report on the rising price of essentials

report on price hike

Price of essentials increasing

Rangamati Correspondent, Rangamati, 20 March 2018:

The price of daily necessaries is increasing day by day. Now it is considered to one of the major problems of our country.

From the interview of common people, it is found that the poor and the middle-class people are the most affected by it. There are many reasons for the price hike. Firstly less production of crops is responsible for it. Secondly, the untimely flood is also responsible for it. Thirdly dishonest businessmen cause price hike. The common people are the main victim of this. They always bear the brunt of the price hike. They knew that they were helpless.

A buyer says that price has increased between 10 and 20 percent of any product. Buyers said the government should monitoring cells to control the price hike and culprit business kore.

UNO of the Sadar Upazila said the law enforcing agencies were deployed to fight against corruption. The import of essentials was enforced by the government through tax cuts. However, the government, the rich, and the business class people should come forward to ensure the proper distribution of commodities. Now we should take research work to overcome price hikes in the future.

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