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Searching for a paragraph on brain drain? Here I have shared some paragraphs on “Brain Drain” with Bangla meaning for students from class 8 to higher-level students.

In short brain drain is a mass departure of talent and skill from a country. It is a great loss for developing country like Bangladesh. Let’s learn more about that.

After reading the paragraph, you will learn;

  • What is the brain drain in simple words?
  • What are the causes of brain drain?
  • What are the effects of brain drain?
  • Why brain drain should be stopped?

Short Paragraph on Brain Drain

Paragraph on Brain Drain for Students in 250 Words

Brain Drain

Brain drain means the migration of skilled, educated, and meritorious people to foreign countries. It is a great loss of sending countries or the third world.

Here “brain” refers to skill, experience, merit, and “drain” refers to migration. Normally, highly skilled people from underdeveloped countries migrate to developed countries for better opportunities, better paying and better living. Most of the educated people have a tendency to go abroad for better opportunities. They are mainly doctors, engineers, teachers, and skilled labors.

There are many reasons for it. Firstly the standard of living in developing countries is low and earning is very poor. That is why people suffer from insecurity and feel unwilling to live in the country. So, they try to go abroad. Secondly, skilled and highly experienced people don’t find related jobs in own countries or countries can not afford them. So, they try to find jobs in foreign countries. Thirdly, it is often seen the government of an underdeveloped and developing country doesn’t support its talented persons. Therefore they have to live their own land for their betterment.

When the educated and trained people from our country go away to other countries, our development work suffers a lot. We will lag behind to progress. A country has to spend a huge sum of money to educate a person. The country doesn’t get service from him if he leaves the country. Govt. should give them proper working opportunities and better salary.

Above all, people should have a patriotic feeling and will to serve the country.

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