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Hi, students welcome to this new paragraph on information technology. I’ve discussed the uses and importance of information technology. This paragraph is very important for coming public exams.

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Paragraph about Information Technology (200 words)

Information Technology

Information technology means the study or use of technological systems for storing, analyzing, retrieving, and sending information. Here technological systems can be a computer, telephone, television, internet, email, wireless etc.

The computer is one of the greatest inventions in modern civilization. It has so much contribution to the advancement of the present world. It can be used in various purposes like information analysis, storing and management, medical science, education, marketing etc.

Internet is another important invention in information technology. We can send and find any information on the internet. Not only that, but we can also store data on web server. Now it has been a great source of news and information. There is no information but available on the internet. Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram render their services through the internet. Thus the internet fulfils our demand.

By means of wireless, we can send and receive information among devices with the help of electronic waves.

Television can telecast live moving events, cinemas, programs all over the world at the same time. The world people can improve their brotherhood and friendship living in a global village.

Without information technology, the present concept of Globalization is totally void.

However, information technology has some demerits too. Misuse of it, can bring about the danger for individual, society or country. So, all of us should be aware of using information technology.

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