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Dear students, have you ever imagined how trees help us? They are the best friend of mankind. But many of us cut down trees at random unwisely. Today, I am going to share a paragraph on Tree Plantation. The paragraph tells you how trees play so many important roles in our life and the environment.

I’ve always been sharing the same paragraph in different sizes for different classes. So let’s read the paragraph.

Paragraph on Tree Plantation

Paragraph on Tree Plantation for HSC in 200 Words

Tree Plantation

From the dawn of civilization, man has had a close relationship with nature. Man has made friendship with trees. As such, trees play an important role in our life, economy, and environment.

To plant trees is a noble work as trees and plants supply us with oxygen. The most vital thing for our survival. Besides, they are a great source of food and vitamins. Trees also provide us with fruits, flowers, and timber to make houses and furniture. They give shade and shelter to many people and animals. They make the land fertile and save the soil from erosion. They attract rains, prevent drought and control floods. Thus they maintain ecological balance.

Nowadays, Bangladesh and many other countries are facing various natural calamities like excessive rainfall, floods, cyclone, etc as a consequence of climate change. Climate change results from global warming. Only trees can prevent global warming. We should immediately plant 2 than we cut down 1. Plenty of seedlings and saplings need to be planted on both sides of roads, in unused lands, on the bank of rivers and around our house. It is impossible to describe in words how important trees are.

In conclusion, tree plantation is a must for the maintenance of ecological balance and saving our existence.

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