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SSC English 2nd (Grammar and Compositions)

SSC English Suggestion 2021


What is Case in English Grammar
Case কত প্রকার ও এর ব্যবহার
Parts of Speech কাকে বলে কত প্রকার ও কি কি
Rules of Tag Questions
Gerunds and Infinitives


Rules of using Articles in English
Article Exercise with Answers

Transformation of Sentences

Rules of Changing Affirmative to Negative

Affirmative Negative and Interrogative Sentence Exercise

Rules of Changing Simple Complex and Compound Sentences


5 Rules of Changing Narration
Narration Exercises with Answers

Sentence Connectors

Use of Connectors

Question Tags

Tag Question Rules in Bangla
100 Question Tags with Examples
Important Question Tags for SSC
Difficult Question Tags

Paragraphs: 10 Marks

You are to write a short paragraph on any common topic you are familiar with. Normally, the word limit of a short paragraph is 200 words.

Remember to write a paragraph:

  • A title
  • Introductory sentence
  • Paragraph body
  • Concluding sentence
  • Must have a single para

Some Important Paragraphs:

Important Paragraphs for SSC 2021


Letters to Friend:

A letter about annual prize giving ceremony.

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