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Hey dear students, In this post, you will have a great worksheet on Suffix and Prefix. Here I will be sharing 100 of suffix and prefix exercises with answers for you.

100 Suffix and Prefix Exercises

1. Bangladesh is the most (a) —–(dense) populated country. This creates food problem (b)—–(education) problem, (c)—–(employment) problem, medical problem, shelter problem (d)—–(environment) problem. To check the (e)—–(normal) growth of population, topmost importance should be attached to the education of the masses. Keeping the entire population (f)—–(educated) it would be (g)—–(possible) to develop national (h)—–(aware) among them.

Ans: (a) densely (b) educational (c) unemployment (d) environmental (e) abnormal (f) uneducated (g) impossible (h) awareness

2. Smoking is (a)___(harm) for our health. It is also (b)___(cost). (c)___(smoke) should not smoke (d)___(public). Smoking creates (e)___(pollute). Smoking causes many (f)___(curable) diseases. It causes (g)___(comfort) to others. But there are many people who are (h)___(aware) of the harmful effect of smoking.

Ans: (a) harmful (b) costly (c) smoker (d) publicly (e) pollution (f) incurable (g) discomfort (h) unaware

3. Every man does not have the same ability. It differs from man to man. (a)___ (educate) can develop one’s ability, but yet the (b)___ (differ) remains. An educated man can do something that is (c)___ (possible) for an d)___ (educated) man. It is because education can (e)___ (able) him to do it. (f)___ (academy) education is not enough for (g)___ (lighten) the mentality of man. But it is necessary for awarding certificates and (h)___ (measure) of knowledge.

Ans:(a) Education (b) difference (c) impossible (d) uneducated (e) enable (f) Academic (g) enlightening (h) measurement

4. Food (a)___ (adulterate) is a great problem in the country. (b)___ (adulterate) food is (c)___ (harm) to health. Some (d)___ (scrupulous) businessmen adulterate food to make money. By eating adulterated food we will get (e)___ (curable) disease. Steps have been taken by the government to stop the(f)___ (practice) of food adulteration. It is a (g)___ (punish) offense to make food and fruits (h)___(poison) by using any chemical or any substance.

Ans: (a) adulteration (b) Adulterated (c) harmful (d) unscrupulous (e) incurable (f) malpractice (g) punishable (h) poisonous

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