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WH Questions Examples with Answers | Degree English

These are some of WH question example with answers for you degree examination. Hope this will help you in your good preparation.

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Make appropriate WH-questions for the following answers:
(a) The French Revolution took place in 1789.
(b) He comes to my house twice in a week.
(c) I read the Ittefaq daily.
(d) They come to college by bus.
(e) He drives my car.
(f) The pen belongs to me.
(g) My brother’s failure made me sad.

(a) When did the French Revolution take place?
(b) How often does he come to your house?
(c) What do you read daily?
(d) How do they come to college?
(e)Who drives your car?
(f) Whom does the pen belong to?
(g) Whose failure made you sad?

Example 2: Make appropriate WH questions for the following answers:
(a) Dhaka is famous for mosques.
(b) You have found my pen under my desk
(c) I borrowed the umbrella of my cousin.
(d) The guest will arrive at noon.
(e) My brother is thirty years old.
(f) I am studying English so that I may go abroad.
(g) Everybody has heard the name of Hazi Muhammad Mohsin.

WH Questions Examples with Answers



(a) What is Dhaka famous for?
(b) Where have you found my pen?
(c) Whose umbrella did you borrow?
(d) When will the guest arrive?
(e) How old is your brother?
(f) Why are you studying English?
(g) Who has not heard the name of Hazi Muhammad Mohsin?

Example 3: Make appropriate wh-questions for the following answers:
(a) I am looking for a hardware store.
(b) I went there to do some troublesome writing.
(c) There is a terrible accident in front of the press club.
(d) My father drives the manager’s car.
(e) Our classes usually begin at 9.00 a. m.
(f) The price is about eight hundred dollars.
(g) He went to the party.

(a) What are you looking for?
(b) Why did you go there?
(c) What is there in front of the press club?
(d) Whose car does your father drive?
(e) When do your classes usually begin?
(f) What is the price?
(g) Where did he go?

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