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Passage Narration Exercises for SSC and HSC with Answers

Dear students, how are you? Your SSC exam is next to the door. I have got you some important questions of passage narration from different Board Questions. These questions are very important for SSC and HSC exams.

I would like to add one more thing that these questions have all the rules of changing narration.

I hope this worksheet will help you a lot. Let's start answering the following question.

Passage Narration Exercises

Narration Exercises from Board Questions of SSC

1. Change the narrative style of the following text. [DB-2019]
"What is the time by your watch? said an old man. I said, "It is half-past nine." He said, "I want to go to your house. Will you accompany me, please?" "No, I am sorry because I am going to school," said I.

2. Change the narrative style of the following text. [CB 2019]
"Good morning Rupa." said Sohel, "How much preparation have you taken for the upcoming SSC Exam?" "A great preparation" replied she. "I hope, I shall get 90+ marks in every subject." "How confident you are!" said Sohel.

3. Change the narrative style of the following text. [RB 2019]
The students said, "We want to celebrate the victory of the National Debate Competition." The headmaster said, "Why?" The students said, "We want to make it memorable in our life." The headmaster said, "Don't worry. I shall take all the necessary steps to arrange the function."

4. [DJB 2019]
Please give me your English Grammar and Composition Book." said Sara. "I cannot give it. " said Niha. "I have to take it with me in the class." "I shall return the book before the class starts. " said Sara. "Take it. " said Niha. " Thank you." Said Sara.

5. [JB 2019]
The teacher said to the boy, "Why are you disturbing the class in this way? Don't you know that it is an important class? Get out of the room and don't come back today." "Excuse me, sir." said the boy. "I'll never disturb in the class." he promised.

6. [CtgB 2019]
Rina said to Karim, "How are you? I went to your house yesterday but did not find you. Where did you go?" "I went to book fair." said Karim. "I had to maintain our school's stall."

7. [SB 2019]
The stranger said to the boy, "Can you tell me the way to the nearest hotel?" "Yes, Sir, I can. Do you want a residential one in which you can spend the night?" said the boy. "I don't want to stay there but I only want a meal." replied the man. "Paradis Garden will be better for you." said the boy.

8. [BB 2019]
Rifat said to Munir, "You didn't attend my birthday party." "Extremely sorry, friend." Munir replied, "I had to go to my uncle's house in Dhaka. How was the program?" "Let me show you the photographs" said Rifat.

"Why you are putting up the food in your pocket, Sir?" asked the nobleman. "I am doing the right thing. My dress deserves the rich dishes." replied Sheikh Saadi. "Please tell me clearly what you mean to say?" said the nobleman.

"Have you ever been to Cox’s Bazar?" asked Shabab "No, I have never been there." replied Labib. "But I desire for visiting the place" "I had an opportunity to visit the sea beach last year." said Shabab" "Let us go there this week"

Answers to the Narration Exercises

1. An old man asked me what the time was by my watch. I replied that it was half-past nine. He said that he wanted to go to my house and asked politely if I would accompany me. I replied in the negative and added that I was sorry because I was going to school.

2. Sohel wished Rupa Good Morning and asked how much preparation she had taken for the upcoming SSC Exam. She replied that she had taken a great preparation and added that I hoped she would get 90+ marks in every subject. He exclaimed that she was very confident.

3. The students told the headmaster that they wanted to celebrate the victory of the National Debate Competition. He (H) asked why they wanted to do so. They replied that they wanted to make that memorable in their life. He told not to worry and added that he would take all the necessary steps to arrange the function.

4. Sara requested Niha politely to give her her English Grammar and Composition Book. She (N) said that she couldn't give it and added that she had to take it with her in the class. Sara said that she would return the book before the class started. Niha told to take it. Sara thanked her

5. The teacher asked the boy why he was disturbing the class in that way and asked if he didn't know that it was an important class and told to get out of the room and not to come back that day. He respectfully begged to excuse him and promised that he would never disturb in the class.

8. Rifat told Munir that he hadn't attended his birthday party. Munir apologized for that and added that he had to go to his uncle's house in Dhaka and asked how the program had been. He requested that he might show him the photographs.

9. The nobleman asked Sheikh Saadi respectfully why he (S) was putting up the food in his (S) pocket. Sheikh Saadi replied that he was doing the right thing and he added that his dress deserved the rich dishes. The nobleman requested Sheikh Saadi to tell him clearly what he (S) meant to say.

10. Shabab asked Labib if he ever been to Cox’s Bazer. Labib replied in the negative that he (L) had never been there. But he added that he desired for visiting the place. Shabab said that he had an opportunity to visit sea beach the previous year. He proposed that they should go there that week.

Narration Exercises from Board Questions of HSC

1. "Why are your children crying, my daughter?" said the Caliph. "They have been starving." said the woman. "Have you none else in the world?" "My husband died some months ago. He left them neither money nor any property. So, they are in great distress. They have to starve sometimes." "Oh! Let me see, how I can help you." said the Caliph.

2. How much do you want?" said the Mayor. "A thousand guilders." said the pied piper. " All right," said the Mayor. "We'll pay you a thousand guilders. When will you set to work?" "Now," said the pied piper.


  1. The young man said, “I can’t stay any longer. The king had sent me to do a very important work.” “Friend, tell me what your important work is. I can also help you,” the man requested.

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