5 Paragraph Essay on Climate Change

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5 Paragraph Essay on Climate Change

Climate Change is now the most discussed issue in the world. I have shared a 5 paragraph essay on climate change. You can rewrite it as you like. The first paragraph describes climate change in short, the second paragraph tells about the reasons for climate change. The third describes the impacts, the fourth describes solutions for this and finally, the last paragraph is a conclusion.

5 Paragraph Essay on Climate Change in 400 Words

Climate Change and Its Effects

At present, climate change is the most discussed topic in the world. Climate change means a change in the world’s climate. Now we see different kinds of irregular behavior in the world climate, including frequent natural calamities and heatwaves. Oceans are warming and becoming acidic, icebergs are melting and thus sea levels are rising. All of these changes will increase more shortly. That will be a great challenge for us to exist on earth. [description in short]

There are many causes of climate change. Firstly, global warming is the main reason for it. Though global warming is thought to be the main reason, other reasons increase global warming. The emission of Carbon dioxide mainly causes global warming. During the last century, human activities released a large amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases around the earth are like a blanket covering the earth. The heat and energy produced from the earth are being trapped. Thus the earth is becoming warmer. This is called the greenhouse effect which is necessary to support life on earth. Secondly, the burning of fossil fuels, the smoke of mills and factories, and environmental pollution are responsible for producing carbon dioxide and other gases. These gases ultimately cause climate change. Thirdly, the destruction of forests intensifies global warming and causes ecological imbalance. [reasons for climate change]

5 Paragraph Essay on Climate Change

Global climate change has many bad impacts on the environment. Climate change causes a temperature rise, erratic rainfall, the rise of floods, cyclones, drought, ice sheets melting which will seriously affect agriculture and livelihood, especially in vulnerable countries. This will also affect wild lives. Warm climate will affect our water supplies, food production, power, and transportation system, our natural environment, our health, and safety. [impacts]

Now we cannot stop changing the climate. We must be aware of the bad consequence of climate change. Tree plantations can reduce global warming which is the main reason for climate change. We plant trees more and more. We should stop using harmful chemicals that can reduce environmental pollution. The developed nations, which are more responsible for such climate changes, should take responsibility to protect the victim countries. They should raise funds to spend on the affected countries and communities. [necessary steps]

In conclusion, we all have to take part and try to stop global warming and other reasons for climate change. If the situation goes on, very soon living things on earth will become extinct due to the high temperatures. If we could contribute to control global warming, the world’s temperature would fall and this world would be a safer place to live on. [conclusion]

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