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Hey student, how are you? Please make a comment if you find the paragraph helpful or not. This is a short paragraph about myself for class 5 to university students.

I have written the 4 paragraphs according to the classes of students. You may find a question of writing a paragraph about yourself for the introduction. This question is common to almost every classes of students.

paragraph about myself

Paragraph on Myself (100 words) for Class 5 and 6

My name is Mohammed Musfikur Rahim but everyone calls me Rahim. I am 13 and read in class six. I live at Kaptai in the Rangamati district. My school name is BK Nurul Huda High school. I do my homework and study every day. I study in the evening from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm. My favourite subject is English. I live with my parents.

I am the youngest in my family and I have the only elder brother Raju and two sisters. They are Shima and Rina. My father is a police officer and my mother is a doctor. There both are so much busy but always take care of us. I mostly like to play cricket.

Paragraph on Myself (150 words) for Class 7 and 8th Standard

My name is Mohammad Amin. I am 13 years old and read in class 8th standard. I am the second child of my parents and I have an elder brother. We have a joint family where my grandparents, uncle-aunt, cousins live in the same house. We love each other very much and closely related to grandparents. All family members are open-minded and friendly. I have a group of 5 friends however Shihab is my best friend. He is true, honest and looks so nice. We both are in the same class and school.

Normally, I like to hear and tell jokes and stories to my friends. I help my younger cousins in doing their home works daily. I love my parents very much. They also love me and promote me to do well in every field. They motivate and inspire me to study. My family is a cultural family. When we celebrate each festival together, we enjoyed it and have a great time. Really, I am fortunate to have this family.

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